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I'm Katherine. I like to make things.

As a student at Boise State University, I’m studying Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology (GIMM). I did a year of video game programming in high school, but I’ve been playing games for so much longer. Between watching my older brothers sorting through Magic the Gathering cards in the living room, to fighting my sister over who got to be Princess Peach in Mario Kart 64, to playing my first tabletop RPG around age 10 (it was Star Frontiers if you were curious), I have always been surrounded by games and other people who loved to play them.

As much as I love playing games, art was always the first thing I turned to in my free time. I worked with pretty much every medium I could get my hands on. I have done watercolor, needle felting, book binding, oil painting, sculpture, animation, and sewing to name a few. If it could produce an artistic result, I tried it. Among all the arts and crafts I’ve done, digital art has been a clear mainstay along the way.

Looking back, art, programming, everything was all a means to an end. Before I began drawing and programming, I was creating stories. My first creative writing assignment was in fourth grade, and I rocked it. It was a story about two mouse sisters very much inspired by Redwall, my favorite series at the time. The next year, a club I was in had a graphic novel assignment. I had found a new, interesting way to tell a story. Liking art was a plus, but now I could visually articulate my ideas. I wasn’t very good yet, but it was a start. From there, I kept drawing, got better, discovered digital art, and kept working. In highschool, I took a video game programming class. I loved games, art, and computers, so it was a no-brainer. But it was also another way to share a tale.

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